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Turning Plastic Bags into Hope, Comfort and a Good Night’s Sleep

Bags will be crocheted into sleeping mats for those experiencing homelessness 

Our Saviour’s member, Vickie Witt, has started a community project in her “What I Need” (WIN) class, and now has many students involved. They will collect plastic shopping bags, fold, cut, chain them together, wrap into balls and then crochet mats for those experiencing homelessness. Members of Our Saviour's will participate, too, by contributing plastic bags to assist Vickie and her students with the project.  Thank you, Vickie, for a Winning idea!

It was a great night at mongolian BBQ!

To the Our Saviour's Community -- THANK YOU for supporting the youth mission trip to Haiti on Tuesday night at Mongolian BBQ! We had 14 celebrity grillers, 185 attendees, and raised over $1300 of ministry money that will purchase supplies for service projects, pay the salaries of our Haitian leaders, and support the community we get to spend time with in March. We can't wait to share with you how we continue to see God at work in Haiti and tell you our stories when we get back. Please continue to pray with us as we prepare!


It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate this faith family.

When Jim and I and our children moved to Naperville 30 years ago, we

looked for a church where we could call “home”…a place for all of us to become involved. Little did we know what God had in store for us! 

You have been our family…our children were confirmed here, grew up

mentored by Sunday School teachers and youth mentors; they were

married here, and our grandchildren have been baptized here. We

have laughed together, cried together, grown in our faith together,

worked hard together, worshipped together, traveled together….and

it’s been so wonderful.

I have been blessed to have served in a job that I love…so many

talented musicians, so many faithful people who serve in so many

ways….and all grow to be friends and support systems to each other.

This is an amazing church. You hold worship, children and youth, a

mission ministry that reaches out to help others, as priorities. Through time and these shared experiences, people grow in their relationships with each other, and the family grows. 

Thank you for an unforgettable celebration in December. Led by Terry

Thompson and her great team, you gave me a day full of love, joy, and memories. Thank you to all who helped, brought food, stayed and listened to stories, came and sang, and played some of the great music that we have done together. And, oh, yes..the scarves! Thank you also for the cards and gifts…your care and generosity is humbling. 

I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve alongside all of you. I am so grateful for the support of my incredible husband, Jim, and our amazing family, who have been patient and understanding as I have done the work I love. It is time for me to give my time to them and whatever else God has planned for this next chapter. I am excited and grateful for the leaders that are in place at Our Saviour’s to continue the long tradition of quality worship, music, art, and service in this congregation. I know that relationships grow through time and shared experiences, and I challenge each of YOU to find a way to become involved in this church family. Our Saviour’s is a great place to grow and serve! 

All my love and gratitude, Lynn

Our Annual Slovakia Ministry Dinner was a great success - Thank you all for attending!

Despite the wintery weather, it was a perfect night for warm, delicious Goulash! One hundred hearty souls came to Celebration on Saturday night to enjoy a wonderful dinner, and to hear the progress of the Center for Christian Education from Bohdan Hrobon, Jozef Sopoliga, and Adrian Kacian.. The dinner raised over $14,500 that will be sent to the CCE to assist them to continue the construction of classrooms in their new Lutheran Academy building, which will expand the number of students who can participate in this great Christian educational experience.   

From Bohdan's update: "As you can see, the miracles and blessings continue here at the Center for Christian Education. As we begin a new year, we believe and trust in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father. We thank you for the way you’ve allowed God to work through you to bless the ministry here in Martin – through prayer, personal participation, and financial support – and invite you to continue. We look forward to experiencing the faithfulness and blessings of our God with you in 2019." Bohdan Hroboň, president of CCE.

Additionally, Jozef’s daughter, Barbora Sopoligova and her husband, Marek Marton, joined in the festivities. Barbora blessed us with traditional Slovak songs and Marek gave a testimonial to his life’s transformation through his experience at the CCE. 

The Slovakia Ministry Team would like to sincerely thank all our table hosts, and volunteers who helped with the meal preparation and delivery, and clean up after the event - Kathy and Faith Pierson, Pat and Nancy Eble, Kris Reenstjerna, Greg and Jean Jepson, Gail Niermeyer, Todd Peterson, Rebecca and Dennis Cremin and David Cleveland. We are also thankful to Thrivent for the financial support.

Thank you.

The Slovakia Ministry Team

            Gail Jernberg

            Dave Hamman

            Kristin Petras

            Sam Petras

            Michelle Peterson

            Rick Hutchins

            Graham Brenna

            Don Swanson