Planning Leadership Team

The Planning Leadership Team has completed the first of three retreats to craft a strategic plan for Our Saviour’s. The focus of the first retreat was to clarify important questions about the congregation’s identity (“who are we, rally?”), purpose (“where is God calling us to go, soon?”) and contexts (“who are our neighbors, now”?). 


Using the information collected in the CAT survey, the World Cafes’ and other forums, the Team made progress on four key tasks:

• Identifying the 5 top issues to pursue from review of the collected information

• Describing the identity of OSLC for use in attracting new people

• Describing the purpose of OSLC to mobilize and inspire members to participate

• Choosing a framework to organize the strategic plan.

During October, the Team is working in small groups to refine the ideas on these four tasks in preparation for the next retreat on November 3 and 4, where the goal is to arrive at a consensus on all four.

Here is a list of the member of the Planning Leadership Team. Please hold the Planning Team and OSLC in your prayers as we discern the future God is calling us to embrace. If you have questions for the Planning Leadership Team feel free to email the team.