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Please enjoy this brief video about Lutheran Church of the Ascension, 

a fellow ELCA church in Northfield, and their experience with Realm.

Questions & Answers

What is Realm?

Our Saviour’s is moving to a new church record keeping solution called Realm. It is an updated, user-friendly software program from ACS technologies, which runs our current system. Realm was designed to be a tool for real ministry—supporting worship on Sunday and continuing conversations and building relationships outside of church. While many of the changes will be felt in the church office, there are exciting opportunities for individuals to connect in new ways with the community at Our Saviour's. Realm will make it easier to those who participate to connect with each other, contribute to healthy faith conversations, and find ways to put your faith into action in the church and world.

Why Realm?

Our Saviour’s has been undergoing a period of strategic planning to strengthen the vitality of our church and increase engagement in our community. The transition to Realm is part of the Five Strategic Initiatives under the Operations label. We chose Realm for the new church software because it provided features, such as an app, that allowed individuals to take an active role in creating a profile and connecting with church events and ministries. The ELCA has also done extensive research on church management software and they are recommending Realm to congregations. Additionally, we hope that continuing to work with ACS technologies will make the conversion seamless and allow us to easily transition to Realm.

What are the Desired Outcomes?

• Strengthen engagement within the faith community.

• Interactive communication within groups and the congregation.

• Simple ways for individuals to communicate and connect to the greater community.

• Leaders can connect with their groups in ways that are clear, easy, and fun.

• Registrations will be quick and convenient through the mobile app.

• Members can update their own information anytime and from anywhere.

How Have We Prepared?

The Realm team has been working to minimize potential issues with the transition by working with ACS technologies and church staff. The team has also been creating a framework that Our Saviour’s can use in Realm to best connect people, ministry, and outreach. A team of volunteers assisted with cleaning up data issues. We also asked people attending Our Saviour’s and Celebration worship services to provide updated email addresses and birthdays to ensure we have as many people with accurate information as possible. Thank you to all who helped with this step.The data conversion will take place between April 10 and 15. We will be live in the church office by April 16. 

How Do I Get Connected?

Realm goes live to the congregation in May 7th?. Our Saviour's members, guests, and friends will be invited by email and on the website to download Realm’s free Connect app and setup a personal profile. Through the Connect app, you can update your profile as your life changes, connect with groups and events, securely view and make contributions, and access volunteer and outreach opportunities. Realm can be the technology foundation for us to create a more connected church community and expand our impact through missions and outreach.

If you would like personal assistance with Realm, we will have volunteers after worship services at the Our Saviour’s and Celebration campuses throughout May to learn about Realm and help create your profile in the upcoming months. Upcoming issues of Weekly Connections will have more information about these programs.

What About Security and Privacy

Your privacy and security are important to Our Saviour’s and the makers of Realm. Your information in Realm is not searchable on the web and will only be available to people in the Our Saviour’s network. You have control over who can see your contact information within the system. Information on all children under 18 is limited in Realm.

What Happens if I Don’t Join Realm Connect?

While we would like every member and visitor to create a profile in Realm, we understand that not everyone will free comfortable doing so. You can still connect with the church outside of Realm. Weekly Connections, email communications and the Our Saviour's Face Book Page will continue to provide information about church life. We ask if you have any life changes, such as a change in address or marital status, to let the church office know. The opportunity to sign up for a Realm profile will be available on an ongoing basis if you decide later you would like to create one.

What If I Have Additional Questions?

The Our Saviour’s Realm Team is here to help in this process. Please contact us with questions at realm@oursaviours.com