Our Saviour's new mask guidelines. Meeting you where you are on your journey.

Meeting you where you are on your journey.

As you know many changes have been made regarding mask requirements at the CDC and State of IL.

A Council COVID Subcommittee reviewed these new guidelines last week and put together recommendations that were reviewed by Church Council this weekend.

Out of these recommendations, the following was decided effective immediately with Worship changes happening the Weekend of May 29.

Our Saviour's wants to let you know that wherever you are on your journey we are here to walk alongside you.

If you are not comfortable meeting in person, we will continue to live-stream our worship services.

If you are more comfortable continuing to adhere to strict social distancing and mask requirements, there will be a Worship service dedicated to addressing these concerns. This will be the 11:00am service at Our Saviour's which will now be held inside and will begin the weekend of May 30. Our Saviour’s is committed to offering this service at least through the weekend of June 13.

For those that are vaccinated, there will be an option once seated to remove your mask during Worship. We kindly ask that you wear a mask while entering and leaving worship. If you would prefer to wear a mask throughout the Worship service that is okay too!

What are some other changes you can expect?

  • Worship length will be increased to 45 minutes.
  • Worship leader singers who are fully vaccinated do not need to be masked or socially distanced. (this refers to Worship leader singers only at this time).

What about group meetings?

  • If a group is fully vaccinated, masks and distancing will not be required (although always optional). If not everyone in the group is fully vaccinated, we kindly ask that masks and social distancing be used for those who are not vaccinated.
  • The only limit on the size of groups is the capacity limit in state guidelines.