Strategic Initiatives

Our Saviour’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020.


  • We welcome people from diverse spiritual experiences. 
  • We walk with all people on their faith journey. 
  • We value worship that nurtures life-long faith. 
  • We inspire use of our God-given gifts to serve others locally and globally. 

We do all this to Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known.


We are called to be a beacon of light and hope that impacts the world by:

  • Making connections and building relationships  
  • Creating space for healthy and diverse faith conversations
  • Equipping individuals of all ages for growth, ministry, and leadership
  • Putting our faith into action in the church and world. 

Together we transform the lives of those serving and being served.

Our Saviour’s Strategic Initiatives (2018-2020)

  • Focus on growth and intentional hospitality
  • Equip and developing disciples and leaders
  • Enhance passionate and engaged worship for deeper spirituality
  • Focus and coordinate approaches to missions, faith formation and congregational care
  • Improve operations for greater transparency, efficiency, and communication