Here is a list of some of the frequently asked questions when planning a visit to Our Saviour's Church for the first time:

Q: Can I still become a member during the Pandemic and we are not physically at church?

A: Of Course! Email us Here and let us know you're interested in becoming a member. We will have someone from our staff get in touch with you. Please feel free to share any questions you have about our church or next steps and we will connect with you! If you're interested in more information and not membership, please feel free to connect with us Here

Q: Where is worship happening during the Stay-at-home order?

A: Each week, we post the newest worship video on the front page of our website. We've also found that people are enjoying watching on their TV's and so all of our videos can be found on the church's Youtube page Here! Also, all of our past worship services and special music can be found on the Youtube page too. 

Q: How can I get involved during this pandemic?

A: If you're interested in connecting with a small group or deepening your faith with a study, We also have opportunities for youth and families, please contact Pastor Emily. Pastor Brian continues with work with our local and global missions and there are different opportunities to share God's love, even from home. If you're interested in connecting with a mission or learning more, please feel free to send Pastor Brian an email and share how you'd like to connect. It's also possible that you want to share the gift of music, please email Terry Thompson or Chris Brown. If you're looking for another staff member, check out the "Meet Our Staff" page to connect to different leaders. 

Q: What should I expect during worship?

A: Worship is where we recenter and refocus our hearts each week. While we do follow the liturgy and traditions of our Lutheran heritage, we are also exploring new ways to express God's love through each week's worship. We have 4 main parts of all of our worship services. Welcome, Word, Meal, and Sending. When we Welcome, we are welcoming all into this holy space in the name of Jesus. The Word comes from the Bible, and during this time we have readings and a sermon. The Meal is called Communion, where all are welcome to celebrate Christ's gift to all people. Sending is an important part of our worship, as we are fed and nourished, we are sent out into the world to Make Jesus Known. 

Q: Can my children sit with me or do they go to a separate service? 

A: We want you to feel comfortable and know that each family is welcome to do what's best for them. Some children get the most out of worship by sitting and experiencing worship. During the worship services that we offer Children's sermons, the children are also welcome to attend Sunday School. There is a simple Check-in process for Sunday School if your child would like to attend. Otherwise, we also have a nursery available as an additional option during worship.

Q: How to dress?

A: Be comfortable and be you! Some people come from families and traditions where they wear their Sunday Best and some people choose to wear Weekend Casual. We have people and families that come from all different approaches, and that's okay!  

Q: How long is a typical worship service? 

A: Each worship service is between 45-60 minutes.

Q: What type of music is played? 

A: Our Saviour's offers a variety of Worship Service options and musical styles. Traditional style means that the music in worship is led primarily by the organ. Mixed style is a mixture of organ and piano, along with many other instruments and voices. Contemporary style includes a full band. 

Our Saviour's Campus Worship Services

  • Saturday, 5:00 pm, mix/traditional style
  • Sunday, 8:00 am, traditional style
  • Sunday, 9:00 am, mixed/traditional
  • Sunday, 10:30 am, mixed/traditional style

Celebration Campus Worship Service

  • Sunday, 10:00am, Contemporary Service