Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund is a financial asset that grows over time as a result of income earned from interest on the underlying invested funds and investment appreciation. It is a long term asset that continues to provide regular income to achieve the Church’s mission. The key is that each year only a little of the endowment is used, so the remainder is left to grow. And over time, as gifts are made to it and the principal grows, the Endowment Fund becomes a substantial way for us to expand our mission at home and in the world. 

Our Saviour's Endowment Fund FAQ Document - Have a question about the Endowment Fund and want to learn more? 

Our Saviour's Endowment Fund Brochure - Learn more about the History, Importance, and Impact of the Endowment Fund. 

2019 Endowment Fund Summary - Get an update on the size of the fund, contributions in 2019, and distributions in 2019.

Interested in donating? Click here for a direct link to give to the Endowment Fund online.

If you have any questions regarding Our Saviour’s Endowment Fund feel free to contact Kathy Clolinger, Accounting Coordinator,kathyclolinger@oursaviours.com