Care MInistry

Life is difficult. It can be filled with sadness, loss, grief, physical challenge, and emotional illness. The heart of Jesus broke for those around him. He wept real tears in response to the sufferings of others. But Jesus also embodied hope. We do not have to endure our hardships in isolation or without end.

Hope is often best represented through the tangible presence of other people who understand, who will walk the journey with us, who will be at our side, and who can speak a word of clarity and calm in the midst of a turbulent time.

Whether you are seeking the help and support of others or you would like to offer your own gifts and support, we welcome you to these ministries with us. To find out more details, please contact Dawn DeBoer or Pastor Emily.

Prayer Shawl Ministry - Our Saviour’s has skilled crafters who like to knit and crochet and who turn their skill into a caring ministry for those who need a healing touch. These creative folks make beautiful shawls to send to those who are in need of prayer and to wrap them in God’s unfailing love.

To join the prayer shawl team, click here.

To request a prayer shawl for yourself or another, click here.

Home and Hospital Visitation - Currently on hold - The Faith Community Nurse, pastors, and a team of laypeople provide compassionate support to those who are homebound, facing an unexpected hospital stay, or going in for planned hospital care.

Faith Community Nurse - The Faith Community Nurse oversees many caring and health ministries for the congregation including, but not limited to, blood pressure screenings (currently on hold), wellness presentations (currently on hold), medical referrals and resources, home visits, and meals. For more information please contact Dawn Deboer at

In need of assistance?

Looking to serve?

  • Provide meals or grocery delivery for those who are having difficult times
  • Donate to the Good Samaritan Fund or Parish Nurse Fund - The Funds provide assistance to individuals and families of the Our Saviour’s faith community during a time of financial need. The Parish Nurse Fund is specifically for medical and healthcare/basic needs. Questions? Contact Dawn DeBoer or Pastor Emily.
  • Prayer Ministry - Become a Prayer Partner during worship. Receive the weekly prayer list
  • Care Visitor Team - This team is the “hands and feet” of the community in bringing the caring and continuing presence of Christ through Our Saviour’s to those who need extra contact.