care moms

CARE Moms (College Age Requires Embracing) was founded to help both students and moms make the transition to college a bit easier. CARE Moms is a small, quiet but steady and consistent ministry that serves to remind our young adults that their church home is thinking of them, praying for them, and cheering them in all of their endeavors, whether they remain in Naperville or travel somewhere around the country. We send tangible messages that God is with them and for them -- no matter what! There is nothing required of them; it is a simple link to our community.

Moms meet monthly on the second Wednesday of the month to receive an extra bit of love, support, reassurance, and fellowship. The format and location of each meeting will be communicated one week in advance, either on Zoom or in person if guidelines allow.

Registration is being handled on a semester to semester basis due to the uncertainty with the pandemic. 

Register here.

Please register on Realm for this semester, and you do not need to enter your student’s address if we have it on file from last semester.