Make Our Saviour's Part of your legacy

Did you know that 67% of American adults say they have no will or estate plan in place? Give your loved ones the gift of preparation! Make it a priority to make or update *your* will.

Why ensure that you have a will in place? From Thrivent: "Your will gives you the option to nominate a guardian for your minor children and include specific instructions for their care in the event of your death. It may also contain your wishes for a memorial service, your decisions about burial, and details about how your cherished possessions and keepsakes should be distributed to loved ones. Get your free copy of Thrivent's Will & Estate Planning Guide HERE.

As you're making decisions, you might consider whether you'd like to include a charitable organization such as Our Saviour's in your estate planning. Note that when designating an organization as a beneficiary, you can leave whatever percentage you choose to that organization and/or other charitable groups.

In the video below, Doreen Damge, a member of Our Saviour's Endowment Committee, shares why she and her husband, Scott, wanted to "pay it forward" for other families by making Our Saviour's part of their planning for the future.


Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund is a financial asset that grows over time as a result of income earned from interest on the underlying invested funds and investment appreciation. It is a long term asset that continues to provide regular income to achieve the Church’s mission. The key is that each year only a little of the endowment is used, so the remainder is left to grow. And over time, as gifts are made to it and the principal grows, the Endowment Fund becomes a substantial way for us to expand our mission at home and in the world. 

Our Saviour's Endowment Fund FAQ Document - Have a question about the Endowment Fund and want to learn more? 

Our Saviour's Endowment Fund Brochure - Learn more about the History, Importance, and Impact of the Endowment Fund. 

2023 Endowment Fund Summary - Get an update on the size of the fund, contributions in 2022, and distributions in 2022.

Interested in donating?

Click here for a direct link to give to the Mission Endowment Fund online.

Click here for a direct link to give to the Operations Endowment Fund online. 

If you have any questions regarding Our Saviour’s Endowment Fund, contact Accounting Manager Kathy Clolinger at


Dan Bierne, an Endowment Fund scholarship recipient, talks about how the Endowment Scholarship has helped him in seminary.