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2022 Annual Slovakia Dinner

Saturday, May 21, 2022

We apologize for our date change! Due to the circumstances with COVID cases growing again, the high transmission rate of Omicron, and risk of travel plans for Bohdan and Adrian, we felt it best to postpone our Slovakia Dinner until Saturday, May 21. Watch for information in your email at the end of April.

Please consider making a donation to CCE at this time. They have been hard hit by the pandemic also and we would like to send them financial support before the end of the school year to continue with their ongoing school renovation. To donate visit:

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Nitra Slovakia

The relationship between Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Nitra Slovakia and Our Saviour’s Church in Naperville, IL began in 1998 with the goal of helping a small group of faithful Christians rebuild their church after the Communists confiscated the property and destroyed the church building. These faithful few were donating funds as they were available and building the church, literally "one brick at a time". They estimated that it would take 12 years to complete. Our Saviour's committed to help and through our donations and prayers, the church was completed in two years! Holy Spirit Lutheran Church was consecrated on Sunday June 11, 2000, with a huge ecumenical event. The church has grown to over 2000 members and now are delivering a diaconal ministry to the elderly people in their town. They will soon break ground for a live-in care facility for those people.

The Center for Christian Education (CCE) in Martin Slovakia

This relationship between The Center for Christian Education (CCE) in Martin Slovakia and Our Saviour’s Church in Naperville, IL began in 1998 As well. The CCE took an education approach to restoring Christianity. They have built a full Bi-Lingual Academy spanning from pre-school through high school. The Christian education component brings children to Christ and the students then minister to their families and bring parents and siblings to Christ. The CCE now has 800 students and had the first graduation of 36 students from high school in 2018. Future plans for the school include adding special programs including a music studio, an art studio, additional labs, outdoor facilities for learning and recreation.The CCE is a top rated school in Slovakia.

The Slovakia Ministry team hosts the Slovakia Ministry Dinner each year where guests can taste traditional dishes and raise money for this important ministry. The Slovakia Ministry Committee is currently looking for additional members. 

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