Mozambique Ministry

Our Saviour’s has partnered with Vida Humana, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mozambique, and the ELCA Global Missions to assist with hunger, education, and healthcare initiatives in Mozambique. The three major targets of this important ministry are: healthcare, hunger, and education.

Because of the remote location of this ministry, the material support that is needed is primarily financial. Donations can be directed through the website or as designated gifts through the church. Vida Humana also holds a dinner once per year. There are various fundraising opportunities throughout the year such as Santa Claus for a Cause, the Mother Son Hot Wheels Event, and the Daddy Daughter Dance. Approximately every two to three years, a team from Our Saviour’s visits Mozambique to provide support to the volunteers on the ground. 

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The healthcare, hunger, and education initiatives of

vida humana

Healthcare Initiative (partnership started in 2009)

  • Over 25 volunteer advocates provide in-home healthcare and medication for illness, including malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, and AIDS/HIV. These advocates note patients with no family to care for them so they can receive care. Advocates also offer emotional and spiritual support to all patients. What started as a closet in the local Lutheran Church is now a free-standing building with water. This model has been successfully replicated in other Mozambique communities.

Hunger Initiative (partnership started in 2012)

  • Starvation and hunger in Mozambique are due to famine and poor farmland. Hunger needs must be addressed as many of the medications cannot be taken on an empty stomach. The need for infant formula is great since HIV/AIDS is passed on in breast milk. The Hunger Initiative provides people with e’Pap, a pre-cooked porridge powder with absorbable micro-nutrients. The cost for e’Pap is small, however, shipping, government taxes, and tariffs are a large expense.

Education Initiative (Power School established in 2011)

  • Education is highly valued in Mozambique. The school offers Pre-K through 12th grade in two shifts because of the number of students. Certified teachers make up the all-volunteer staff. The school’s curriculum is Zimbabwe’s; the second-best curriculum in Africa. Students are currently lacking the basic supplies for learning, textbooks, and resources (books and access for research).