Haiti scholars

Haiti Scholars will host its annual Sip & Support on Saturday, Aug. 17, at 929 E. Benton Ave. Enjoy live music, a wine tasting (beer and soda also available) and an auction all while supporting Our Saviour's mission partner Haiti Scholars! Register online HERE.

Haiti Scholars is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by donors whose mission is to provide educational assistance to students ages 3-11 years at Centre D’Etudes Lumiere in Mariani, Haiti. We currently support scholarships for the neediest children in the area. 

Our mission is to work in partnership with the teachers and staff to educate the “whole” child for all the students at the school by providing a solid education, emotional support, and proper nutrition. 

Striving to teach each child the fundamentals in math, reading, grammar, science and physical education along with computer skills and English as a second language is critical to supporting long-term success. 

Our belief is that having the gift of education brings hope, self-esteem, and empowerment for a better future.

Interested in getting involved with Haiti Scholars? Click here

haiti scholars began with a mission trip with

our saviour's church

"Those of you who know me well, remember that a trip five years ago to Haiti had touched my heart. I went as a chaperone for a mission trip for the high school youth at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. One of my primary jobs was to be the primary photographer. Looking through a lens of a camera one's observation is magnified. You are highly acute to your surroundings. I quickly realized that as many children that were attending school, just as many were NOT attending school. Having been a teacher, I was concerned. To my core, I feel that education provides hope, opportunity, and direction for a child. While walking up a hill one day, I bumped into the principal of the school. I feel this interaction did not happen by accident. We had an insightful dialogue where I quickly learned about the struggles to educate the children of Haiti. My heart was changed, and I could not turn my back on this beautiful community which left a lasting stamp of love, concern and pull on my heart.

This calling to bring a team to this community and school, Centre D'Etude Lumiere in Mariani, Haiti became a reality due to many beautiful and trusting people. A group of 19 individuals came to meetings, listened to my story and then took the leap of faith and traveled to Haiti to bring school supplies, teach in the classrooms, work with the staff and discern if my passion and mission for this community was justified. Four of the 19 individuals stayed behind several days to meet with the administrative staff to discuss our possible partnership. We left Haiti, knowing that the school is run by a caring, compassionate, educated and dedicated staff. We are thrilled to begin our partnership with this community."

- Nicole Waite