A Message from pastor john

Since last fall, Our Saviour’s Council has been discussing the issue of racism. Racist incidents, both locally and across the country, have led us to wonder how we might best respond. The Council Statement for Consideration below is a step in that response. It is grounded in God’s call for us to love one another as God has first loved all people.

As you read the statement, you may have questions or comments. Please email those to inclusion@oursaviours.com. All responses will be shared with the Council and with the team being created to continue work on the issue of racism.

As you read the statement below, you may wonder how to become further involved. The team is working on opportunities for discussion, learning, and action. If you would like to be further involved in the process, please respond to inclusion@oursaviours.com.

We pray for our congregation and community as we seek to respond to all people with God’s love.

In Christ,

Pastor John Gerike

Our saviour's

anti-racism statement

This statement is the beginning step towards future dialogue. Any comments regarding the statement can be emailed to inclusion@oursaviours.com.

Our Saviour's Anti-Racism Statement:

In order for Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church to Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known, we should follow His teachings:

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” ~John 13:34

As a congregation, we condemn all forms of hatred. At this moment in time for Our Saviour's, our community, and our country, we have the opportunity to strongly denounce anti-Black hatred. The pervasive and systemic violence against Black people in our community, state and country continues to be an ugly assault on our humanity and prevents us from loving others as Jesus commanded us. Jesus aspires us to be better. As a church, we have never been indifferent regarding hunger, homelessness, missions, equality… We cannot now be indifferent toward the sin of racism. We will make a difference when we play a larger role in God’s plan to end racial discrimination and violence against people of color.

This process begins by understanding how, racially, we are broken. As a congregation, we should commit to examining the racial biases of our church and denomination and learn how to more fully “love one another” through diversity, inclusivity and anti-racist behavior and rhetoric. Growth and action are necessary as we listen, learn and love.

We will fully embrace Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known when we actively confront this sin and become a part of the change that should come in our society. Prayerfully, spiritually, lovingly – we will move forward to love one another.

Leslie Hunter and Pastor Brian

Pastor Brian of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Naperville and Chaplain Leslie Hunter of Holy Family Ministry School in Chicago sit down to talk about racism, Jesus, and life in general. Here is the first video of the series entitled, "One Holy Family".