Christine ball

Chrissy enjoys exploring- hiking, bike rides, traveling to new places and discovering new parks with her husband and 3 kids. When not out exploring with her family she enjoys gardening and home improvement projects. 

When Chrissy was in first and second grade her parents built their own house- as in someone dug out the basement and installed the foundation, and her parents did the rest! She remembers picking out her bedroom on the blueprints her dad drew up and helping hold many boards for her parents.

Chrissy and her husband have lived in 3 states since they were married. Each of her children were born in a different state- Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. Chrissy began working at Our Saviour’s in 2015 as an assistant in Children’s Ministry. Today she helps out “behind the scenes” in all areas of Faith Formation - Children, Youth and Adult Ministries. She embraces the challenge of time-sensitive projects and organizing large community events such as VBS. Having moved around a lot with her own young children, she is passionate about helping families connect with one another. Fun fact: if you are looking for any object at either campus, check with Chrissy- there is not a closet, cabinet or drawer she hasn’t worked on organizing since she has been at Our Saviour’s!

Chrissy has an MA in Speech Pathology from Eastern Michigan University. Before working at Our Saviour’s, Chrissy worked as a Speech Therapist in rehabilitation facilities. She met many amazing individuals while working with adults who’s communication and swallowing were affected by injury and illness such as stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia.


Phone: 630-281-4235