VISIONING  & transitions updates

Pastor Brian's letter with updates from August 2022.  

Hey Church,

I wanted to keep you updated on our church's Visioning process and let you know how things are going. But first, a great question has been asked, "why do we need to do Visioning? Haven't we done this before"? The goal or hope of this Visioning process isn't necessarily to learn something new about OSLC, even though that's a possibility. So yes, we've done Visioning before, and I believe we know who we are and where we hope to be heading. However, none of us have ever lived through a pandemic before, with the transitions on our pastoral staff and with the Elimination of our debt, now is the perfect time to ask where God is leading us right now. Another way to ask the Visioning question is to ask, what are the church's top priorities in 2022/2023?

I'm excited to share that the council and staff held retreats with Pastor Wayne Miller, where we began conversations around Our Saviour's. Together we discussed transformational moments in our church's story, which will help us to identify areas of strengths and weakness and allow us to prioritize the next steps for growth. We are currently putting together a plan to invite members of the congregation to share as a part of this process, and you will be invited once we set those dates, hopefully in September. Our hope is to listen to your story and connection at Our Saviour's as we dream about where God is leading us. We also look forward to having Pastor Wayne share some updates during our weekend worships this fall.

These conversations have also set up the council for additional meetings during the month of August to discuss the call committee and prayerfully discern members who would be the best fit for this process. We hope to share with you more updates soon.

I would like to thank you for praying for the church and our leadership during this process. One of the most affirming things I have seen in these conversations is how called and dedicated the members of Our Saviour's are to ensuring our church is welcoming, caring, and loving to all in Jesus' name. I am so grateful for you and your continued support of the ministries at Our Saviour's!

God's Peace

Pr. Brian Wise