Planning Your Wedding

Your date is set, now for the rest of the planning. The following information outlines the process and key details for weddings at Our Saviour's. 

Three Key Items: 

     The Marriage License

     The Pastor

     The Wedding Coordinator

The Wedding Service

The Day of the Wedding

Contact List

Three Key Items

The Marriage License

To be obtained at the County Clerk's Office of the county in which the marriage takes place.

     DuPage County Court House

     421 N. County Farm Road

     Wheaton, IL 60189

     (630) 682-7035

NOTE: The marriage license can be taken to the church, front office, as soon as you obtain it.  Please take it to the Church Office no later than the Monday, the week of the wedding.

Officiating Pastor

Contact and Meet with the assigned pastor to talk about next steps.   There is an officiating Pastor fee which is due three weeks prior to your wedding date.

Our Saviour's Wedding Coordinator

Your Wedding Coordinator will contact you once one has been assigned to your wedding. They will walk you through all the details of your wedding.  If you do not hear from them two months prior, please contact the Life Event Coordinator at (630) 281-4210.

the Wedding service

  • The Wedding Music Consultant, using the church's guidelines, will advise the couple on the selection of music, obtain an instrumentalist or vocalist if desired, and obtain an organist for the service.  Although various musical styles are acceptable – from classical to contemporary – all music during and preceding the service must be appropriate for a worship service.  
  • One of the organists of the congregation will generally be the wedding organist.  
  • Any exceptions to this should be requested when meeting with the Wedding Music Consultant.  Our Director of Music and Worship must approve all other music options.

Tech Support

  • Contact Chris Brown, Technical Arts Director, at at least two months before the wedding date.  The church will supply a microphone and a sound technician for a basic fee on the day of the wedding.  
  • Additional technology (prerecorded music, setting up of other equipment, musician mics, videos, live stream service, etc.) will need to be arranged through the Technical Arts Director at an additional cost.

Flower and Sanctuary Decorating

  • Two bouquets may be placed at the altar.  Your florist needs to arrange flowers in 6KK pots or your own containers.  Keep in mind that the Sanctuary is usually decorated according to season.  During Lent, there are no flowers at the altar.  You may purchase flowers, put them on the stands and take them with you when you leave.  
  • Flower arrangements and Unity Candles are never placed ON the altar.  
  • Due to safety reasons, no aisle runners may be used.  There are 20 rows for pew bows (90 feet main aisle), and often every-other pew is decorated.  Pew bows may be attached with rubber bands only.   
  • The flower girl may only throw imitation/sild flower petals.

Candles/Unity Candles/Sand Ceremony

  • The church has a Unity Candle stand to use for the wedding, which can be decorated similarly to the pew bow arrangement.  
  • Please bring your Unity Candle or Unity candle set (1 pillar and 2 tapers) to the rehearsal and give it to your Wedding Coordinator.  
  • Unity Candles may be purchased at a gift shop or Christian Book Store.  
  • We also offer the sand ceremony, but you must provide your own containers of sand.

Wedding Program

  • The Life Events Coordinator can prepare a wedding program that contains your marriage service and the names of those in the wedding party for weddings held at Our Saviour's.  
  • The Our Saviour’s Wedding Information Form, which is available online, needs to be completed and returned to the Life Events Coordinator within three weeks of receiving your Deposit. 
  • Program cover choices are available through the Life Events Coordinator and must be picked out at least one month before the wedding.

Photography & Videography

  • In keeping with the atmosphere of worship, pictures may only be taken from the back of the sanctuary, with existing light and a telephoto lens, during the service.  The photographer and videographer must always remain behind the worshiping congregation (or behind the pillars).  Following the above guidelines, Flash photographs are permitted only for the seating of grandmothers, mothers, and the wedding party.  For Saturday afternoon weddings, pictures taken after the service must be concluded by 4:00 pm.  
  • It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to clearly communicate these guidelines to the photographer and the videographer, as well as any guests who may be taking photos or videotaping for you.  Our Saviour’s does not provide photography or videographer services; however, your wedding can be Live Streamed by Technical Arts for an additional fee.  Your Coordinator will clarify these expectations if the need arises.  
  • The photographers are welcome to be in contact with the Wedding Coordinator before the service.

The Rehearsal

  • Wedding rehearsals for Saturday weddings are scheduled for 6:00 pm Friday evening.  
  • A Wedding Coordinator will be assigned to assist you with your wedding and preside over the rehearsal.  Rehearsals start promptly, and all who are a part of the wedding party must be present, including parents and grandparents.  The rehearsal does not include music or the reading of lessons.
  • Starting the rehearsal on time will enable the rehearsal to last less than an hour.  

The Day of the wedding

Rooms for the Wedding Party

  • Dressing rooms are available for the bridal party and the groomsmen. Your Wedding Coordinator will direct you to your rooms. The room may be pre-set for Church School; please do not move the items in these rooms.  If something needs to be moved, please ask your Coordinator.

“Housekeeping” Items 

  • Please remember that your help in keeping the church building clean and orderly is appreciated.
  • In keeping with the hospitality of those who use the building after your wedding, the areas must be straightened up and left in presentable condition by your wedding party.  Please assign someone to check the rooms for personal items.
  • Please clean up if food and beverages are brought into the dressing areas before the wedding.  Garbage cans are available in the kitchen by the Nelson Fellowship Center.   The maintenance staff is not available to clean after the wedding and before the worship services and church school classes on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Rice, birdseed, flower petals, balloons, confetti, and sparklers are not permitted. Imitation/silk flowers may be scattered down the aisle. For a "send-off," we suggest bubbles, little bells, or ribbon sticks.  

Parking Lot

  • Vehicles cannot be left overnight in the Church parking lot. 

Alcoholic beverages or smoking materials are prohibited anywhere on the church premises or grounds.  

Please make your party and limousine driver aware of this policy.

Diane Griesbach, Life Events Coord.

Contact List

We want your wedding to be joyous and beautiful and consistent with our faith in Christ as Lord.  We wish you every blessing and joy!


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Diane Griesbach, Life Events Coordinator (630) 281-4210;
  • The Wedding Coordinator assigned to your wedding.
  • The Pastor officiating your service (for questions regarding the actual worship service)
  • Wedding Music Consultant (all music-related questions)
  • Chris Brown, Director of Technical Arts (630) 281-4241;
  • Premarital Counseling Program,