Power in purpose

Life transitions and changes happen throughout our lifetimes. We go to school, marry, become parents, move to a new home or new job, suffer the loss of a loved one, become empty nesters, or retire to a new way of life. Maybe the change is unexpected like the worldwide pandemic. Do we flourish or struggle with these changes? Do we understand ourselves enough to be resilient and utilize our God-given talents and abilities during these changes? Or we may be looking for a new direction in our lives. Or new opportunities in which to participate and contribute. 

Power in Purpose offers an opportunity to build greater understanding of how we gain meaning and purpose both as a person and member of our communities. We are all unique!! Knowing our purpose flows from understanding our God-given gifts, how we relate to others, and recognizing things/activities that bring us joy and satisfaction. Purpose motivates and

produces meaning in life and encourages personal growth. When we harness the power in purpose our lives can be rich, our goals clearer, and we are more prepared to explore the opportunities life provides. 

Participation in the program leads to:

  • Rediscovering your strengths and gifts while finding values and passions you may not have explored. 
  • Focusing on a better understanding of your uniqueness: What makes you….You??!!
  • Gaining insight into your natural abilities and finding new directions for achieving what gives you meaning. 
  • Building better relationships in your family, at your work, in your community, or within your groups. 
  • Understanding how volunteer activities may help you discover and explore your gifts.

Power in Purpose is a resource that Our Saviour’s offers and can be structured in different ways to meet both individual and small group needs. The content is structured to provide self-reflection, encouragement, and support to enable the participant to explore situations and harness responses that are purposeful and meaningful. The environment is friendly, supportive, and encouraging.

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