We asked some of our members what Our Saviour's Lutheran Church has meant to them. 

This is what they had to say.


What Our Saviour's Means to MEMBERS

You may be wanting to know more about what Our Saviour's Church is all about. We asked some of our members what Our Saviour's Church has meant to them and this is what they had to say.

  • "We have been members of Our Saviour’s Church for 37 years. In that time we have developed an amazing group of friends thru our participation in Our Saviour’s service and mission projects." 

    -Bob & Cheri Turnquist

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  • “Our Saviour’s is our spiritual home where the Lord nurtures our faith and service to make Jesus known. A place to belong.

      Romans 12:5 ‘In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.’” 

    – Tracy & Gary Lipkowitz

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  • "Our Saviour's is a family to us. A place where we can call home. A place where we can bring our children and teach them about God and surround them with people that care and love them as if they were their own."

    -BJ & Kelly Okel

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  • “Through worship and service to God over the last 23 years at Our Saviour’s, we have connected with “old” friends – and made “new” friends. It’s where our children learned of Jesus’ love for them through Sunday School, VBS, and Confirmation. Our Saviour’s is not just our church – it’s our faith FAMILY!”

    -The Patton Family

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  • "It's our Church home. Home is where you are loved and supported by God and your Church family. And home is where they always leave the porch light on for you." 

    - Lynne and Jim Sherman

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  • "We've made great friendships since we have been at Our Saviour's and there are many caring, giving people in the Our Saviour's community which is evident in the different projects and programs that take place and the way that people really respond to the call"

    - The Felbein Family

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  • "When we came out to Naperville, we tried all the Lutheran Churches, but Our Saviour's felt like home for us right away and continued to be home after many many visits. We have loved every minute of it since."

    - The clements family

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  • "Our Saviour's is important to me because it has been part of my life for all the major things: my baptism, my confirmation, my wedding, my children's baptisms, and we have grown as a family with our friends there."  

    -Sara Weber

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  • "Our Saviour's is important to Mark and I because we have been a part of that congregation for the past forty-years. Together as a family our children were baptized there, our grandchildren were baptized there, as well as our children were married there. Through the years Mark and I have met lots of wonderful people and we have enjoyed the opportunities to be marriage mentors to a lot of folks coming up." 

    -Joan & Mark Hanson

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